About Us

Collingwood Alternative School is a government secondary school which provides appropriate educational opportunities through applied learning practises. We help students to enhance their potential as individuals and as members of the community.

Specifically we aim for students to attend school regularly, set and achieve goals, learn cooperatively with others and experience success. We offer literacy and numeracy support and development within a small, nurturing family-like environment.

Our excellent facilities include:


Message from the Head Of Campus

For over forty years, Collingwood Alternative School has provided a unique educational experience. Over this time we have built on our many successes, continually striving to provide the best teaching and learning environment for our students.

We have an experienced, dedicated and long-standing team of staff who take pride offering an engaging curriculum which targets individual needs. We use team and supportive teaching strategies in many classes to maximise students support.

Our size allows us to be flexible, adaptable and responsive to opportunities such as: community partnerships and innovative curriculum provision.

We provide clear and reasonable rules and sanctions which are applied consistently by all staff. We see this as imperative to achieving positive change and maintaining a safe and positive environment.

We cater to a range of learning styles and use different approaches within one class. By teaching to a student’s strengths at points throughout each lesson we promote positive engagement. We also set tangible outcomes for students so that they are clear about what is needed to be achieved and know when they are successful.

At C.A.S. we offer the care and support students need to achieve at school and provide a happy, healthy and safe environment where they can flourish.

Where We Are

Collingwood Alternative School

7 Stanley Street
Collingwood, VIC 3066
Australia, 3585

Phone: (03) 9419 3816
Fax: (03) 9416 4005
Email: admin@cas.vic.edu.au


CAS 2014

Another great year at CAS

CAS 2014

Governor General

Our Governor General, Quentin Bryce, visited CAS to view our applied learning projects.

Governor General